5 of the weirdest Teletubbies conspiracy theories


Teletubbies first aired twenty years ago. The show has been shown in more than 120 countries and translated into 45 languages, enthralling youngsters and astonishing parents along the way. The adventures that have been portrayed by Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po have also led to the creation of a number of speculations, with some being more sinister than others. We’ve collected a few below.


  1. The baby sun is actually a demon

In the beginning of every episode, the sun rises, and in the middle of the sun is a child’s face. Many claim to have the devil’s face appear on the face of the child as it expands for a second, before it explodes, transmitting subliminal horror images to all children. Once you’ve witnessed it, it’s impossible to forget it.


  1. The Teletubbies are biologically engineered slaves

Absolutely one of the most popular theories. What is the evidence? There’s no official explanation regarding the origins of Teletubbies however, it is clear to many that Teletubbies are not in control. Teletubbies do not have control of their own fate. The mysterious “voice” informs them of the best time to complete everything from eating to sleep. Then there’s the vacuum-like creature, called the Noo Noo who keeps the Teletubbies on their toes by making sure that they adhere to their orders. There’s also the Pinwheel which is a godlike structure located at the top of a hill which makes the Teletubbies drop whatever they’re doing, and kneel down and bow to it every time it turns. The Pinwheel chooses its favorite character to turn on its stomach television. Stick and carrot. All very Big Brother.


  1. The Teletubbies are captivating your children.

What happens the next time: microphones pop up from the ground and shout, “time for Teletubbies” around a dozen times which led parents to stop watching the show since they believed that they were trying to educate their children.


  1. The odd Teletubbies along with the Harry Potter connection

Teletubbies as well as Harry Potter, both released in 1997, have been linked. The evidence? You need only look at the bizarre antenna located on top of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, and Po. The three images, joined, form the symbol of The Deathly Hallows, a key component of the JK Rowling’s Harry Potter universe. Are you still you aren’t convinced? Laa-Laa the yellow Teletubby is equipped with lightning bolts as their antenna. It’s a bit like the lightning bolt mark in Harry Potter’s forehead.

  1. They’re real giants!

They appear cute and small on the screen but they’re actually giants of 10 feet tall! In reality, this is real.

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