Oakville teenager killed in accident involving horses “was made of sunshine”


The sadness in Sabrina’s voice was clear.

In spite of crying, there were small moments of laughter while she recalled memories of the “goodness” that was her child Zara Buren.


The 14-year-old girl from Oakville died in an crash while riding on a horse near Flamborough on September. 21.

“I truly believe that Zara just came out perfectly She was pure goodness, as I’d define Zara,” Haque told CBC News.


“There was goodness, but there was perfection and work hard was not an option. Everyone was expected to do what they can to be the very best.”


Haque recalls the long hours Zara would spend in the barn, taking care of her horse.

At times, she took longer to complete her riding due to the fact that she was meticulous about every aspect of her life that was related to proper care. Haque stated that people would notice.

“Her her horse has always been beautifully done up. The horse was never leaving to chance” Haque said.


“She is such a sharp thinker, and was extremely analytical. She applied this to her sport, and not just at school, she put it into her sport.


“She took every ride with a an idea of how she could improve so that her horse could be more efficient. It was never the horse’s fault.” Haque added.


“She was extraordinary in every way. mom says.

Haque told me that Zara didn’t know she had so many close friends.

She said that Zara was a follower of many other Equestrian athletes on Instagram and, even though she didn’t have any personal contact with them she would spend the time to reach out to them.

For instance, she might tell her, ‘”That last show you performed, you looked incredible, great job.'”

“And the people who were able to remember her even though, as I mentioned earlier they might not have actually had a relationship in person, but they could only have maintained this connection on the internet.


“They began following me since they felt that they had a connection to the person who was cheering on all of us. She was amazing in every aspect,” Haque added.


A profound sense of loss

Zara and her momexperienced riderswere riding horses on a farm along Millgrove Side Road near Highway 5 at the time of the crash.

They were on the same path that they were not familiar with according to police that Zara’s horse got stuck in a bog that was flooded with marsh.


Zara was able get off the horse. While waiting for assistance, police claim she was submerged. After a short period she was rescued out of the marsh with no vital indicators.


“It was an overwhelming feeling of loss” Haque told CBC News.

Her family was able to receive “incredible community help” following the incident.

“Neighbours are old neighbors who moved away 10 years ago discovered this and have returned to our home , bringing flowers, food and stories from Zara at the time she was young.


“It’s incredible in the truest sense, and provides us with so much peace knowing that she is remembered with such affection even though her time in this world was short. It helps a more.”

She was truly exceptional

Equestrian acquaintances and other owners of horses were at the barn of the family Wednesday night , and held a memorial for Zara.


There were photos, candles as well as a gorgeously designed plaque was erected at the gate to her paddock.

“Some of the phrases used included “Zara was a the sun, she’s pure good , and always had everyone’s best interests in her center,” Haque said.


“She would do her highest for all people. This is a rare characteristic in not just an individual in her youth, but also as a humanbeing, or anyone. She was truly exceptional … it was just aspect of the way she was born.”


Zara was my classmate and friend. my coach told me.

Jill Stedman, Zara’s dressage coach, said that she was an incredibly driven and determined girl who was determined to do her best in everything she attempted.


“Zara was my teacher and my best friend,” Stedman told CBC News.

“She was an outstanding student, as she was always doing her homework. She also came back with a solution or questions to figure out the best way to solve it.”

Stedman stated that Zara was an inspiration motivation and inspired others close to her to constantly strive to improve.


“She encouraged everyone around her to become more careful in the training and care of their horses. Not through her words, but rather what she did,” Stedman said.


“She was always enthusiastic towards and interested in other people. She put in everything she had in order to become the most successful horse rider and owner of her horse she can be. She made everyone who were around her want to be better than her. It’s unlikely that she was aware of how her behavior affected other people.

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