Hee Haw twins die 8 months after brother’s death.


Jon Hager, who was one half of musical comedy team known as the Hager Twins on the variety TV show Hee Haw, is dead. He was 67.

Sam Lovullo, who produced Hee Haw and was a good friend of Hager’s, told the media that Hager was found dead in the apartment in Nashville early on the early morning on Friday. He was asleep in his bed, and apparently passed away in his sleep.


Lovullo stated that Hager was unwell and depressed after the death of his twin sister, Jim Hager, died in May of 2008.


The twins were part of initial team of the syndicated television show that made its debut in 1969. The show was mocking country life through the mix of comedy and music. Both were drummers and guitarists as well. They continued their performances together even after being let go in 1986.


In 1998, they stated that they’d been together all their lives . They only separated for three and half years, between which Jon quit Los Angeles and moved to Nashville. Jim was still in their West Coast, but eventually was followed by Jon.


“They contributed their skills to what is needed. Not to earn money , but so that they could be of assistance. They participated in a number of fundraising events and helped youngsters who were sick,” Lovullo said.


Brothers were born on Aug. 30th, 1941 on the streets of Chicago They were adopted in the year 1941 in the home of Jack along with Frances Hager, a Methodist teacher and minister.


They started their singing careers with the church choir before moving on to perform at a local TV station when they were teenagers, performing during Saturday mornings.


Both brothers were in their time in the U.S. army. After their military service they relocated to California and performed as backup musicians in the L.A. club with the likes of the Carpenters, John Denver and Kenny Rogers.


Their work at Disneyland made them the focus of Buck Owens, who signed the two on. They were both cast members in Hee Haw from 1969 until the year 1986. The show ran until 1993.

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