B.C. “bush boys” really suburban children from California


The mystery surrounding”the mysterious “bush boy” of Vernon is now solved after two people from California have confessed to being grandparents of the couple.


The couple isn’t from the remote region in British Columbia, but instead from a suburb in Sacramento.

Rodger Horn has claimed to be dad to “Tom as well as Will Green,” the brothers who have been looked after by Vernon’s Vernon neighborhood since the time they came out of the forest in November.

“We are both delighted that they’ve been found,” says Horn. “It’s been a great 10 months, and we didn’t know they were both there.”


The boys claim to have been born within the B.C. wilderness. However, Horn states that they were born in Roseville in which is a Sacramento suburb. Their name is Kyle as well as Roen.


Horn claims Kyle Horn, the elder brother, was told to leave the home, because he refused to get an employment.

Horn says that his son Roen has become dangerously slim after refusing other food except fresh fruit. After Child Protection Services tried to put him in a an institution, Horn states that Roen’s younger brother fled away.

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