Auntie involved in $1.2M Chase the Ace lawsuit gets final settlement But ‘hurt’ persists


An Guysborough N.S., woman in the middle of a tense battle over a lottery winning in the summer of 2013 has gotten the final portion part of the winnings.


Barbara Reddick and her nephew, Tyrone MacInnis, went to court regarding the $1.2 million prize that was awarded in the Chase the Ace draw in Margaree Forks in July.


Their names were both appearing on the winner’s ticket. They were each issued a separate check for $611,319.50.

However, Reddick stated that even though MacInnis resident of Glace Bay, bought the ticket on behalf of her but she didn’t plan to share the prize with him.


She filed a lawsuit with Nova Scotia Supreme Court for his share of the prize.

After a court settlement hearing at Port Hawkesbury in September, lawyers representing both parties came out to announce a settlement. Reddick received $850,000 , while MacInnis walked away with the remaining $350,000.


Reddick stated that her lawyer wrote the cheque in this week, which contained the remainder from her stake.

Even now she has said that she is regretful.


“I’ll never put anybody else’s name on tickets,” said Reddick. “Especially family. It was hurtful.”

Reddick claimed that the two were close, but they’ve not talked ever since July’s draw.

“He broken my heart. And I am thinking about it every day.”


Reddick stated that she had completed her loan and purchased an all-new car.

With the most recent payment she’s planning to go for New York “to see Tyler Perry” and will then go to an excursion.

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