Update: Michigan woman convicted of murder in the parrot witness case


Glenna Duram, 49, was found guilty on Wednesday of murdering the 46-year old Martin Duram, who was shot five times in May of 2015. Her sentence is scheduled for August. 28.

The ex-wife of Martin Duram, Christina Keller, had stated that, following the murder the pet parrot, Bud, repeated “don’t shoot” in the voice of Martin Duram. The prosecutor was considering using the comments of Bud as evidence, but they were later disregarded.

Bud Bud, an African gray parrot is a part of Christina Keller since her ex-husband, Marty Duram, was murdered last year.


Keller stated that Bud has been talking about at what she believes is evidence that the bird witnessed her husband’s murder. Bud is able to recite key proof of the heated argument just before the death of her husband, Keller said.

“I think it’s part in the whole puzzle. I believe it could be the final word,” Keller told As It Happenshost Carol Off. “I absolutely believe that with all my heart that most of that stems from the night that was.”


She told me that just two weeks after she brought Bud to her home, the bird began to squawk: “Don’t f–king shoot!”

It brought chills to her spine and spurred her to make recordings, she explained.

She believes that the bird is imitating an exchange it witnessedand one of the voices is as her ex-husband’s.


“It scared me,”” Keller said. “I am hearing screaming, screaming and terror.”

Keller claimed that she believes there are two voices that are reflected in Bud’s tirade.

She claims she can hear her ex-husband Marty Duram, who Bud is famously known for imitating. However, she added that she believes she is hearing Glenna Marty’s wife who was also shot but was able to escape.


“To take in the entire two-minute rant , and to get to know Marty and to get to get to know Glenna and to be aware of what they’d tell each other it’s very disturbing,” Keller said. “My home gets cold. I feel a chill when I hear the sound.”


Initial reports suggested that the Durams were killed by the same attacker and now, police have confirmed Glenna is the person of interest in the incident.

As reported by WoodTV, Newaygo County Prosecutor Robert Springstead has said “there’s evidence to support” Keller’s theories.

Keller claimed that the police haven’t heard her recordings regarding the parrot. The parrot was not killed. in connection with the killing.


“I read the report of police. Nearly four neighbors told me”You must communicate with that bird”” Keller said. “I believe it’s a bit ridiculous but that’s just how smart Bud is, and how many people believed that he was the one who witnessed this.”

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