Eminem acknowledges “butt” incident with Bruno faked, according to website reports


The rapper Eminem has admitted to the media that everything that happened during the naked-buttock incident that enthralled comic Sacha Baron Cohen during Sunday’s raunchy MTV Movie Awards was completely staged.


In an interview on RapRadar.com, the site RapRadar.com, Eminem said the incident was all practiced with his obvious disgust and anger at the ceremony.


“After my performance, I returned to my hotel, and I laughed in uncontrollable laughter for three hours. It was especially so after seeing the event on television,” Eminem told the website.

“I’m happy that we managed to pull it off more smoothly than we practiced it. The crowd was in a nut-shape, so to say. Everyone was talking to me on it.”


In the live show on Sunday evening, Cohen emerged in a harness that was over the Los Angeles auditorium in character as sexually attractive Bruno and wore the most delicate, winged, feathery outfit with his buttocks left visible.

Cohen was then lowered upside-down to Eminem’s lap. Eminem as his naked bottom placed in the face of the angry rapper whose entourage was able to nudge Cohen before Eminem left, screaming.


Eminem claimed that Cohen phoned him when Cohen was traveling in Europe with the idea to make a statement on the Movie Awards.

“I’m an avid admirer of the work, and so I volunteered to be involved with the comedy.”


Scott Aukerman, one of the comedy writers of the ceremony wrote on his blog this week saying that the incident was “all anybody wants to discuss.”

“So let’s get this over with,” he wrote. “They performed it during dress rehearsal and, yes, it did go to the same extent as during the live show.”

The website was removed. MTV officials have declined to comment.


The event was one of the most memorable highlights of the two-hour, star-studded event , and it was later broadcast over 800,000.00 times via the MTV.com website in the 24-hour period following the Sunday night’s broadcast, MTV said.

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