How to Switch On YouTube’s Dark Mode on IPhone and Android


Use YouTube in dark mode can be the best option for watching videos at night on your smartphone or computer The amount of light coming into your eye will remain as low as possible.

Dark mode Dark mode YouTube is available on every major platform, including Android, shoppingmode iPhone, shoppingmode iPad and the internet.


Switch YouTube Dark Mode On When you are on your PC, turn YouTube Dark Mode on.

  1. Open your preferred browser , and go through YouTube.
  2. Click on your profile icon in the upper left corner on your YouTube screen.


  1. Choose Appearance and select Light Then select”Dark theme” Dark themes option. YouTube will change the backgrounds to dark.


Turn on YouTube’s Dark Mode on IPhone and IPad

YouTube for iOS supports the system-wide theme settings but there is also an option to enable dark mode for YouTube only.

  1. Launch the YouTube app and then tap on your Google account icon located in the top right-hand part of your display.
  2. Scroll down until you reach Settings. Options.


  1. Select General under the Settings menu.


  1. On the General page , tap the dark theme to switch on dark mode.


Allow YouTube Dark Mode On Android

YouTube is a general theme settings for the system, however should you prefer not to have everything to be black, you can turn it off by hand.

Be sure to have the most recent version of YouTube for the Android phone.

  1. After you have opened the YouTube app, tap you Google account icon in the top the screen.
  2. Scroll down until you reach Settings. settings.


  1. Click to open General within the settings menu, and then tap Appearance.


  1. Choose the appearance from the available choices. The menu on the left lets you select between a dark or light theme.


  1. On the page for Appearance, you’ll notice that the Device theme will be displayed by default. To switch it off, choose to use the dark theme.

It will stop your eyes from being pulled off by the dark theme can also assist in keeping your eyes focused at the screen.

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