How to Find A Dark Mode On Pinterest for PC, Android, And IPhone


If you’re a frequent Pinterest user, it’s best to utilize the dark mode feature on the app in order to minimize eye strain and to enjoy the feed as you scroll. If you’re looking to learn how to access Pinterest dark mode for your computer, iPhone, and Andriod you must read this article today.

Dark themes can help conserve your battery and allows you to enjoy the app to the maximum. As with Instagram and other apps, when browsing photographs, you may like to have your attention focused on the photograph.


Dark mode helps reduce the way your mobile phone’s battery drains and also makes it easier on your eyes. Flipboard as well as Google Play Store Google Play Store also support dark mode to ensure that your eyes aren’t ruined. Dark mode for Pinterest is available on PC, iPhone, and Android. You can turn on dark mode on Pinterest within the app’s settings.


How to Switch Pinterest Dark Mode On For Android

To activate dark mode on Android 10 and above You’ll need first download an app called Pinterest app and then sign in.

  1. Launch the Pinterest mobile application for your Android device, then click on your profile in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. On your profile page, click the three-dot icon located in the top right-hand corner, and then tap Options.


  1. On the page for settings On the settings page, click Account Settings.
  2. After that, tap on the the theme of the app and then choose dark theme. Dark theme to switch on the dark theme on Pinterest.


If.you wish to enable dark mode on Pinterest by changing your settings, you can do this through System default. The Pinterest application will use the settings of your device if you’re running Android 10 or later If you go to Settings on your device then select Display and then turn on the Dark Theme.


How to Change Pinterest Dark Mode for IPhone

The app for Pinterest on iOS isn’t equipped with a built-in feature to support the dark theme, which can be enabled inside the app. It is only possible to turn it on via the iOS dark display feature in the system.

  1. To enable the dark theme on your iPhone you must open the Settings app for the iPhone or tablet device.
  2. On the settings page , click on the display and brightness option.
  3. In the section for appearance Click on”Dark theme”. your device will change to dark.


  1. Launch Pinterest’s Pinterest App and be presented with your dark-themed theme.


How to turn on Pinterest’s Dark Mode On PC

Pinterest doesn’t offer an in-built dark mode for their desktop site, and you won’t be able to access it if you try to enable it through settings. If you’re looking to enable dark mode for your computer it’s necessary to install one of the browser extensions listed below: Stylus, Night Eye, or Dark Reader.

  1. After downloading the extension you’re looking for then go to pinterest.com and log to your account.
  2. Then, click the extension to enable Night mode in the Pinterest website. The theme will change to dark.

The extensions can alter the background color from white to dark, providing you with the best darker mode when browsing the internet even if it’s an alternative to the standard Pinterest Desktop Dark Mode.

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