The Should You Buy Or Rent A Pressure Washer


The Pressure washer is a very efficient tool to keep hard exterior surfaces in good condition. Although you could hire professionals to handle the job, you could save money by purchasing or renting the pressure washer and then doing the job yourself.

If you’ve ever wondered if buying the pressure washer is cheaper instead of renting one check out the following article.

What Is Pressure Washing?

It is one of the terms commonly used interchangeably with power wash. It’s basically identical, but there is a distinct distinction: the heating. Pressure washing employs an extremely high-pressured stream of cold water, which helps to remove dirt and other residues easy. Pressure washing uses warmth to produce an evaporation stream which is effective in removing the tough-to-clean grime and oils. Cleansers can be added both pressure washers and power washers for optimal outcomes.

When To Use A Washer Pressure

Pressure washers are used to get rid of dirt and other buildups such as mildew and mold off exterior surfaces. This machine is particularly effective for cleaning decks made of wood concrete walkways and pathways as well as home exteriors, including vinyl siding and bricks, as well as stone and stucco. Pressure washers can also be used to clean fences, and furniture for patios. Pressure washers are available in gas-powered and electric-powered models.

Buying A Pressure Washer


If you realize that you require access to an air pressure washer more often than once every year, it could be time to look into buying one yourself. Divide the purchase cost by the amount of times you’ll utilize the machine over the period of one year. If the results are lower than the rental price you could consider purchasing an additional pressure washer.

Apart from determining which size and model are appropriate for your requirements Here are some additional factors to think about when buying the right pressure washer

Buying a Pros of Pressure Washer

The primary benefit of purchasing the pressure washer is the fact that you’ll be able to have it at hand any time you require it. You can utilize it whenever you want according to your schedule. It can be used to tackle large-scale annual projects, for instance, when you pressure wash the exterior of your house. It could be turned on for small, speedy cleanups that would be expensive if you were to hire a rental. Even if you just utilize the pressure washer a couple of times every year, you will most likely see it cost you nothing after a few uses.

Buying a Cons of Pressure Washer


The biggest drawback to buying an electric pressure washer is having to keep it. Although there are a few pressure washers in the market which are compact but they’ll still require space in your shed or garage. When space’s a problem and you don’t have enough space, you may not be inclined to utilize the majority of them for items you often use.

In addition, buying any item of equipment implies that you’ll probably want the item for lengthy period of time. While this is great for your budget but it’s not ideal to stay up-to-date with most recent technology. Techniques and tools are improved as time passes, which means that you’ll have an old piece of equipment in your hands in the near future.

Of of course, this is acceptable in the event that the pressure washer remains operational and effective. However, you may need to be maintained at some point. And in the event that your model of pressure washer is no longer in production, you could not be able to get it serviced. If you decide to buy an electric pressure washer, make certain it comes with an assurance.

How To Much Does a Pressure Washer Cost?

The price to buy the electric model of a pressure washer ranges between $100-$400. Gas-powered models is priced between $300-$600. There are commercial-grade pressure washers that run into the thousands however for the average homeowner there are less expensive models readily available.

Renting a Pressure Washer

If you aren’t required to make use of this pressure washer for more often than once every year, it could be more economical to rent one. It all boils down to the cost per usage. But, cost isn’t the only reason to lease the pressure washer. There are other aspects to take into consideration in making your decision

Renting Pros of a Pressure Washer


The primary benefit renting any tool, for example, a pressure washer is that you save money. Whatever model you’re thinking of buying, you’ll definitely get a better deal through renting the tool.

Another benefit of renting an air pressure washer is it doesn’t need to store it. Although the price of renting a pressure washer is similar to, or maybe greater than buying one, you may consider the additional expense worthwhile having more space in your shed or garage.

Another reason to consider renting a pressure washer is that you’ll receive an excellent, well-maintained pressure washer. With a rental you’ll likely get more expensive equipment than you could or willing to buy for yourself. This is just one of the many reasons why people opt to lease cars instead

RentingCons of a Pressure Washer

Although renting a pressure washer could be a good financial decision but there are a few things that could create a problem. To begin, transportation of the rental might prove to difficult. The weight of electric pressure washers can range from 15 pounds to 60 pounds. Gas-powered models are heavier and can weigh over 100 pounds. If the model you choose is different from the one you choose to rent, transportation may be a problem. Make sure your vehicle and your personal strength is sufficient to guarantee that the pressure washer is transported safely pressure washer from and to the rental location.

If you are renting a equipment, you are given only a short period within which to utilize it. It’s usually enough time that you can complete the task, but bear in mind that you’ll be required to pick it up and return it within the same time frame. This shouldn’t be an issue if the nearest hardware store for home improvements is one or two miles away. However, if you reside in a remote region, the round trip necessary for the rental could be longer than actually utilize the power washer. Keep your transport costs in your mind when deciding whether you want to lease or buy any equipment.

Another issue with renting the pressure washer is that the weather will determine the time you can utilize the machine. If you’re in the process of waiting for a dry period to clean the outsides of your house be aware that homeowners are doing exactly the same thing, and the rental may not be available. On the other hand If you hire an electric pressure washer and it rains, you’ll be waiting until it ends before using the device. If you notice rain is taking over the timeframe of your rental, you can call the rental company to discuss the length of time.

Cost to Rent a Pressure Washer


The cost of renting a pressure washer can range from 40 and 100 dollars per day. To determine the exact price of renting the machine make sure you include the transportation expenses (ex. gas, transportation and tolls) you’ll incur during the pick-up and dropping off the machine.

When to Call a Pro


While pressure washing is an easy DIY project after you’ve got the hang at it, in the end, you could consider it a task better left to an expert. One of the advantages of hiring a professional to carry for the job is that an expert will be able to complete the task faster than someone who is new to pressure washing. It may cost more to employ a professional, however the job is done correctly.

Pressure washing is suitable for various surfaces, but not for all. A skilled professional will know for certain which surfaces be able to withstand the pressure wash and what ones won’t therefore if you have concerns regarding this contact a professional instead or lease or purchase one for yourself.

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