This week, 12 brand-new English words that you should know


It’s another vocabulary update. The Oxford Dictionary is the best source of information and we are happy to help you with any new words that will prepare for your next mic drop moment. Don’t be distracted by the manspreading, butthurty randos. Instead, focus on all the delicious words in this snackable post. Use them when you butt-dial your friend Mx. Smith, MacGyvering on your bike broken or inviting your friends for beer o’clock.

1. Awesomesauce (adjective)


Sauces are the new thumbs. You can call something amazingsauce when it is exceptionally good. weak sauce would be the opposite. It’s something very bad or disappointing. I don’t know why strong sauce isn’t making the cut.

“My brand new bike is amazingsauce!”

His latest movie is total weakness sauce.

2. Manspreading (noun)


You’re likely to have been exposed to manspreading if you ride public transport. This is when male commuters with long legs do the annoying crime of seat-trespassing. They sit with their legs out wide so that they can take up more than one chair.

“There is so much mandspreading happening on my train, I think I’m going biking to work.”

3. Beer o’clock/ wine o’clock (noun)


The appropriate time to start drinking the indicated beverage is at beer o’clock or wine o’clock. However, this expression expresses a flexible and customizable point in time.

“Everyone! Stop working, it’s beer o’clock!”

4. Butt-dial / pocket-dial (verb)


It happens to all of us. We have our phones in our pockets and we move in the right way to accidentally push buttons. then someone calls. These situations can often result in unique voicemails that are filled with background noise.

“You called me last night. It seemed like you had a great time .”

5. Rage-quit (verb)


Anyone who has ever had to deal with a zipper that was not cooperating knows what it feels like: you become mad and quit the activity you hate.

“After a few levels of Flappy Bird, I quit. This $%&#* bird drives my crazy !”

6. MacGyver (verb)


This word can make complete or minimal sense depending on your age. MacGyver is a ’90s TV series in which Angus MacGyver – dreamy hero and nerdy inventor – opened high-security doors using an ice cream cone and repaired a TV with a watermelon. MacGyver repairs something in an improvised, inventive way with whatever you have.

“Yesterday I MacGyvered like an executive and used duct tape for fixing a chair. My date was impressed !”

7. Mic drop (noun).


You should have lots of microphone drop stories. This phenomenon is about the moment after a speech or performance that’s particularly outstanding. It describes the feeling when everyone in the room is stunned and it’s a great time to take the mic off and go away like a star.

“He answered the question by making a joke about his mom. Wow .”!

8. Mx. (noun)


This is a small step in a dictionary but a huge leap for humanity: Mx. can be used instead of Mr., Ms., or Mrs. if a person does not want to specify their gender or prefers to avoid identifying as either male or female. If you are curious, the gender-neutral title is pronounced Mix (or Mux).

“The university also offered Mx. as .”

9. Snackable (adjective)


This one is all about convenience. It works for both online and food content. Food can be snackable if it’s presented in small portions. Online content can be snackable if it can be read easily.

“Snackable content that people can eat quickly is the key to your marketing strategy.” And cat videos, .”

10. Hangry (adjective).


We’ve all probably been hungry before. You simply combine anger and hunger to describe the familiar feeling of being crabby or in a bad mood, because you need to eat quickly.


“Guys! I need food. When I’m hungry .”, you don’t want me to deal with you.

11. Butthurt (noun).


Here’s another interesting word combination: Butthurt describes how you feel when you’re resentful or overly offended.

“He was furious at the fact that no one RSVPed on-time.”

12. Rando (noun)


Randos can be very creepy. The word refers to a strange or suspicious person you don’t know. A rando is a person who engages in inappropriate social behavior. Keep your distance.

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