Microsoft Teams will allow you to finally do the one thing that you have always wanted.


Microsoft has revealed a new feature for its Microsoft Teams desktop client. It will allow users to maintain clarity in an age of instant messages and endless updates.

The company plans to make it possible to delete chat threads from the video conference software before the end of this year. They claim December 2022 will be the date for general availability.

An entry on Microsoft’s roadmap (opens in new window) has the following description: “Users can permanently delete entire conversations that they view.”

This will allow workers to filter out unused messages so they can focus on important conversations.

In Teams, you can delete messages

Microsoft claims that this does not affect the chat’s content. This means that any conversations you delete will be preserved on the other side.

The ability to delete conversations will be available in desktop versions of the popular online collaboration application. This includes Mac devices. Mobile rollout is not yet confirmed, but it is possible.

Microsoft continues to add new features to Teams in an effort make it the most competitive platform for business, as it faces increasing competition from Zoom, Google Meet , and Google Drive . This roadmap provides an indication of future additions.

Microsoft expects to launch breakout room support for Android devices in the beginning of 2023. This should appeal to many workers who are constantly on the move and need to access meetings.

Both features are currently in the in development’ stage, according to the company’s roadmap. The ‘rollout and full launching stages will be completed later.

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