What countries are home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites?


Italy is the home of the highest amount of UNESCO world heritage sitesin the world. In the wake of the annual declaration of the new locations made by the UNESCO committee, Italy has the 58 world heritage sites. The latest additions include the porticoes, or protected pathways that are part of Bologna and the 14th century cycle of frescoes from Padua and those of the Montecatini Terme of Tuscany, as part of the designation “The Great Spa Towns of Europe” that span through seven different countries.

With the announcement of the new one, Italy pulls ahead of China. Prior to the announcement, with 55 properties, China could only add one site – the Song Yuan time Emporium of the World in Quanzhou which will result in 56 properties across the entire country.

There are 51 World Heritage sites in Germany. Germany is now ranked third, above Spain and France following the addition of five more additions. The Mathildenhohe historic artists ‘ colony situated in Darmstadt, Jewish sites in Speyer, Worms and Mainz and other appearances in European spa cities are all included in these, as are those of the Roman Empire Lower German Limes (shared with the Netherlands) and the Danube Limes (shared with Austria and Slovakia).

The UNESCO list contains 1,155 monuments in 167 countries that are the world’s heritage site. Whatever changes a country can make the list, any new site added to the list is guaranteed to increase tourism by gaining the prestigious title. It is reported that the U.S. remained at 24 of the listed sites in 2021 and was able to leave the top 10 spots. The properties listed comprise those of the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park The Taos Pueblo and Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. The UK included two other properties that include the slate landscape that is Northwest Wales and Bath as part of the spa towns of Europe however, they was also deprived of one. It was the Maritime Mercantile City located in Liverpool was wiped out because of new developments within its region.

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