Hillary Clinton v Donald Trump Who’s taking the lead on Twitter?


The presidential election across the United States is entering its final phase. The two candidates battle in every medium ranging from newspapers to television and social media isn’t an exception.

So who’s top on Twitter? Based on the latest analysis from Twiplomacy, Donald Trump is ahead at the very most in terms of engagement and followers.

In July of the same year the Twitter account of @realDonaldTrump has 10,267 followers. That puts the president in the 177th spot in the world Twitterati. If he were to be elected tomorrow Trump would be the third most-followed world leader. (Pope Francis’s followers are 30 million, and India’s prime minister Narendra Modi has 20 million followers.)

With her 7765,519 followers with her @HillaryClinton account, she is ranked 275th globally and could be the fourth most followed leader.

Both candidates have experienced rapid growth in their followers on Twitter throughout their respective primary elections. Based on Twittercounter.com, in the final quarter of 2015 Trump beat Clinton in followers. His Twitter account continues to grow with 3057 new followers every day. His Twitter account of @HillaryClinton account, in contrast is attracting 22,086 new followers every day.

Which one is more efficient?

In terms of effectiveness, Donald Trump would seem to perform better than Hillary Clinton, since his tweets have been retweeted number of twelve million times. That’s more than Clinton’s tweets, which were shared 5.5 millions of times.

Trump has received 33 million likes for his tweets, which is nearly three times more than Clinton with a total of 12 million people liking his tweets. Trump has an average of 5,639 followers on each tweet, which is compared to 2,154 retweets per tweet by Clinton. It’s difficult to tell that at the moment if the Trump campaign employs paid promotion to increase the reach of its tweets.

Donald Trump, who set his account on 18 March 2009 has been tweeting 32,697 tweets. This is nearly five times more tweets than Hillary Clinton, who only joined four years later on April 9, 2013, after having left his position at the State Department. But Clinton is more active in the last six months, posting an average of 18 tweets per day , compared to Trump’s tweets of 12 per day.

One out of five tweets posted on the @HillaryClinton Twitter account is an retweet or quoted tweet, mostly from the @HFA and @TheBriefing2016 account of the campaign. Just 5% of Trump’s tweets contain retweets or quoted tweets. This includes several tweets by his children @EricTrump and @DonaldJTrumpJr.

Do they communicate with one another?

The most liked tweet that had more than one million views is her quip toat Donald Trump to delete his Twitter account. Donald Trump replied by asking: “How long did it take your staff (…) to think that up”. This became his most viewed tweet.

In general, both sides don’t directly interact with one another on Twitter.

Although Hillary Clinton only mentions other Twitter users once in every five tweet, 92 out of 580 mentions of users are for the real Donald Trump, which is greater than anyone else person who is mentioned on her account which includes President Trump (81 mentions) and her husband, @BillClinton (51 mentions).

The Trump team however is not mentioning the Twitter handle of @HillaryClinton. Donald Trump consistently mentions other Twitter users in two-thirds his tweets. He often mentions his personal profile as @realDonaldTrump (226 mentions) as well as the @FoxNews account (71 mentions) and @CNN (52) and Fox News anchor @MegynKelly (42 mentions) for what they claim to be biased and untrue reportage.

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