A lot of us aren’t protecting our passwords on our Wi-Fi


The majority of online users confess that they do not have an password to secure their Wi-Fi connections, leaving the possibility of cyber-attacks, new research has discovered.

A report by PC Matic found 89% of users don’t have a password setup in the router and 77% of people weren’t certain whether there was a password set up or not.

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The issue of changing passwords is also believed to be a problem as 9 percent of the users who said they safeguard their Wi-Fi by using the use of a password have actually changed their password. Additionally, 9% of them confess that they aren’t sure how to accomplish this while 37% haven’t altered their passwords after installing the router and resetting the default settings.

Basic internet security

But this isn’t all bad news as there are a few people who are more attentive to the security of their online premises. About 25% (23 percent) are said to change their Wi-Fi passwords every year, while a fifth (22 percent) every month (up by 4% over the past year).

Security of the router is the most important thing you dowhen it comes to protecting your home or business from cyber-attacks. Routers are the central point to all connected devices(opens in a new tab) including smartphones, computers, and computers and tablets, as well as IoT devices like smart speakers as well as smart home appliances and more.

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