PC Gaming Show 2023’s preview event will be held later in November. Here’s the details you need to know about it.


Prior to this year’s officially scheduled PC Gaming Show 2023, Future and Intel have announced a preview of the event dubbed”The PC Gaming Show: 2023 Preview that will be held in November.

This PC Gaming Show: 2023 Preview event will be the second occasion that the bigger show was given an early preview. The next preview will take place on November 17 on a Thursday at 10AM PT/ 1PM ET/6PM BST on Twitch, YouTube, and Steam. The show will also broadcast the mix of trailers and gameplay from the next games that are that are currently being developed.

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The games that are scheduled to be revealed at the ceremony will include Kerbal Space Program 2 and a brand-new game developed by League of Geeks (the creators of Armello and the recent announcement of a revival from Solium Infernum), Shadows of Doubt along with The Great War: Western Front. There will also be “The Top 5 Most-Want Games in 2023′ that will be chosen from PC Gamer.

The event’s preview is being led by Frankie Ward, who’s been associated with PC Gaming Show since 2018. Alongside Intel the event is also sponsored with Starry Studio, Team Miaozi, Plaion, Ravenage, Fireshine Games, Frontier, SEGA, tinyBuild, Fatshark, Hashbane, Wired Productions, Top Hat Studios, and Avalanche Studios Group.

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