Microsoft’s latest advertisement test might make you run for a Mac


Microsoft is currently testing a method to encourage its users to purchase more space in its cloud storage app OneDrive in Windows 11 as they close down their computers . This could be the last straw for some users.

We are getting closer to Black Thursday 2022. Many of us start to see ads and deals on televisions and smartphones. You might be thinking about upgrading your computer, Mac or tablet.

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OneDrive is not as exciting as Apple and Microsoft’s new product line. These blunders can cause brand damage and encourage users to switch to an easier, less ad-laden OS, like macOS.

 OneDrive isn’t the only ad seen. Some users also see prompts to create a Microsoft Account. This could set a bad precedent for Microsoft 11 and Microsoft.

 Microsoft has been there before – it was caught testing ads using File Explorer, before clarifying that this was an accidently rolled out to more people than intended.

We see another ad in Windows 11. Advertisements can help fund many companies’ growth and, when done right, they can educate and inform users.

However, prompts appearing as you close your computer gives the impression you are at the “are you sure you want unsubscribe?” stage. stage. It’s almost as if the company is making a last-ditch effort to get you to purchase the product.

Although Apple has been displaying baffling gambling advertisements in its AppStore lately, Microsoft’s attempt seems more direct. This is a place that you will find yourself frequenting if your Windows device is regularly shut down.

Microsoft will no doubt end this experiment as before. However, it is likely that we will soon see a Windows version where ads will appear across the operating system. This will not only harm Microsoft’s platform, but also hurt its brand, even for those who have been using Windows for decades.

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