Audio Pro Link2 allows you to add streaming smarts for vintage hi-fi


Audio Pro, a Scandinavian specialist in hi-fi, offers everything, from large, simple floorstanding TV speakers to very cute rose-gold Bluetooth options.

Link2 is the product name. It’s actually the second-generation, high-quality audio streamer from the company. This allows for an immediate upgrade to older setups.

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How? How?

Its multiple inputs (more than the predecessor, according to the company) allow you to easily connect other sources such as top turntables, CD-players and top stereo speakers to the Wi-Fi streaming universe (though some turntables may require an RIIA amplifier).

For clarity, Link2 has four inputs as well as three outputs. These include an RCA input, output and coaxial. It also includes an ethernet, USB port, and wireless connections via Wi Fi and Bluetooth. You can also use it to provide multiroom solutions using a combination of AirPlay2, Google Cast, and Audio Pro’s multiroom system.

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My advice, almost always, but especially now, is to not throw out old hi-fi. But to upgrade it as much as possible – which is why this product is so refreshing.

Analog sources can be streamed to other speakers by using the Audio Pro app. The Link2 is also an AirPlay/Google Cast hub so it can appear as a device to stream from and can be grouped with other AirPlay/Google Cast speakers to create a multi-room setup. You can stream your playlists or vinyl to other rooms.

The Link2 also supports Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect so you can stream directly from these apps to Link2 and on to the speakers of choice.

You also have four preset buttons at the top of the Link2, making it easy to choose your favorite internet radio station.

Audio Pro’s Link2 can be purchased now at a price of PS300 / AU$280. The smaller, more compact, and puck-shaped AudioPro Link1 (opens in new window) will still be available as an alternate product.

Do you know someone who is passionate about music, but may have a CD/vinyl setup that needs a refresh? The Audio Pro Link2 could make a great gift…

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