Airbnb hidden charges are waiting to be checked out – for good reason.


Airbnb will soon begin to show the cost of the rental listing as a way of being more transparent.

The travel update is coming at the beginning of the season of travel for Christmas as the company seeks to make it easier for travelers to look for deals that are less expensive. Travelers who travel for Thanksgiving, however aren’t getting the benefit because the update won’t go out until the end of next month. To understand the latest feature company CEO Brian Chesky took to Twitter(opens in a new tab) and broken it down.

Total price display

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Users will soon be able to see the price per place in the results of a search including map, price filters and the page of listings. The site won’t reveal the tax will be charged. To view the taxes, the official announcement(opens in a new tab) states that guests must go to the last step prior to making a reservation to view “a full price breakdown,” that will include discounts or fees for service. The feature won’t be enabled in the default setting, so you’ll need to switch to “Display Total Price”(opens in a new tab) to view the complete price.

When we asked why Airbnb did not make this the default option the company’s representative informed that they wanted to make it easier for people who have a preference for the old method and offer users the option of choosing between the two.


at the time of purchase. beginning, and Chesky replied that it was due to “convention.” He stated that prices that are in United States are typically shown before tax is added. Chesky then asked the users whether the price should include tax. A number of people on the thread stated that they’d love to hear this and an update post-tax could be coming at a later date.

In 2021 in 2021, the company admitted that its platform had a price issue(opens in a new tab) after years of clients complaining about hidden costs. In July, the Nerdwallet team analyzed 1000 Airbnb properties(opens in a new tab) and discovered that more than a third of the listings had the cleaning cost that accounted for 20 and 29 per cent of the property’s cost. Eight percent had fees that accounted for 40 percent or more the price originally. On top of that, add the tax or additional charges and your quick weekend getaway turns into the financial drain.

Airbnb hopes these changes will allow people to find accommodation that is more suitable for their needs and budget.

Educating Hosts

In addition to the overall pricing display Airbnb is making 3 other changes, two that are designed to help educate hosts. Airbnb will alter its algorithm for search engines in order to place a higher value on a property’s price rather than the daily price. The most desirable locations that have the highest cost “will rank higher in search results,” according to the company.

In the beginning of next year, hosts will be provided with the latest “pricing and discounting tools” to assist them in learning how to establish higher-quality prices. Airbnb claims it wants to “help them understand the final price guests pay”. The company will also provide new guidelines for hosts who are required to check out. Airbnb wants to ensure that these requirements can be considered “reasonable and displayed to guests” prior to booking. There’s not much information available about this change, however Airbnb did mention that it’ll provide more details in the near future.

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