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Cornrows range from $50-$300 for women. For males, this is affordable, costing between $60 and $80 and for children, cornrows cost between $55-$85.

Factors that impact the price of cornrows

  • Hair Stylist
  • Design
  • Hair length
  • Hair extension length
  • The width of the cornrows

1. Ladies Cornrows style

  • Jumbo/Big cornrows $60-$175
  • Cornrows side braid $150-$175
  • Four or two cornrow braids-$65 $ 175
  • Cornrows made from naturally shaped hair $50
  • Cornrows are braided into the shape of a bun $150-$175
  • Front cornrows, braids on the box in to the back $190-$250
  • Cornrows are braided by trees It takes between 3 and 6 hours to put up. They last from 4 to six weeks. Costs range from $50 to $325.
  • Cornrows braids and weaves starting at $150.
  • Feed-in braids typically last for two weeks and cost between $80 and $100.
  • French braids Hair can be braided starting from the crown up to the nape. Starting at $50.
  • Updo (straight up) -$120 -$180
  • small cornrow (lemonade braids) $125
  • Goddess braids braids or stitched braids $80-$150
  • Mohawk cornrow braids can take 2 and 1/2 hours, and costs $60.

2. Men with cornrows

The cornrows of men are typically limited to a couple of lines, and more likely under 10. It’s an average of $80. The styles for men include

  • Cornrow waves
  • Top knot
  • Viking cornrow braids
  • Zigzag cornrow braids
  • Cornrow and sides shaved
  • Three, two or four cornrows, with man bun
  • Cross cornrow braids braids bun
  • Cornrow braids as well as triangle braids

3. Styles of cornrows in kids

Hairstyles for kids are not as complicated as girls’ cornrow hairstyles since they tend to be bigger.The typical cost for kids cornrows hairstyles for large lines is $40 to $50, for medium lines $50 and smaller lines between up to $60.

  • Cornrow ponytails
  • Double trouble
  • Half cornrow braids and half half
  • Basket down
  • Updo

How to do cornrows?

Clean and untangle the hair. Divide it with an a tail comb in sections according to the style, either small or big lines, as well as in the direction that you would like to braid. Beginning at the start the line split into three and tuck left or right under the centre hair , and the third part under the centre. Repeat this process till you are to the end of your line. If you are adding extensions to your hair You can put them in when you put into each hair.

How do you maintain your cornrows?

  • Make sure to wash your hair prior to you braid to prevent getting itchy and damaging your hair quickly.
  • Regularly moisturise your hair and maintain your braids
  • Make sure you wear a satin-colored bonnet when you go to bed
  • Make sure to take a break between braiding cornrows in order to let your hair to recover

How to avoid breakage of hair through cornrows?

In fact, wearing tight cornrows for the course of a long time or allowing your hair to grow more than 2 or 3 months can result in hair loss or hair loss due to traction. Protect your hairline and hairline from loss of hair when you do the cornrows .

  • Don’t keep the hair on for too long as cornrows could cause breakage of hair due to the accumulation of dirt and oil.
  • Hair should not be tied too tightly around the scalp
  • You can tell your hairdresser to take your edges.
  • The hair stylist should begin braiding your hair, then attach the hair clip .

Top 10 hair braiding salons for cornrows along with other locations located in the United States

  • Ancestral Strands (from Brooklyn, New York). Brooklyn, New York
  • The Rama’s hair braiding salon — Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Hair of the braids House of braids Encino, California
  • Beauty salon concepts Grand Prairie, Texas
  • Aisha hair-braiding DC Silver Spring, Maryland Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Beauty strands — Atlanta, Georgia
  • Nara hair braiding – Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Matou African braiding – Camden, New Jersey
  • African hair-braiding performed by Fifi Fifi Detroit, Michigan
  • friendly African hair braiding Hair braiding for Africans Columbus, Ohio

Benefits of cornrows

  • Cheaper
  • It’s not a long time to braid.
  • Multi-faceted

The disadvantages of cornrows

  • Hair loss can occur in the front (hairline) and along the sides and in the back.
  • Lesser lines may be more difficult to get rid of, causing your hair to get caught and break
  • It doesn’t last for long.

Other hairstyles that protect your hair

  • Box braids range from $380 to $650.
  • Knotless box braids range from $380 to $650.
  • Sengalese twist $250-$350
  • Knots from Bantu $65
  • Long faux locs $150 -$300
  • The Passion Twist $200-$300
  • Fulani braids range from $180 to $200.
  • Goddess braids are $150-300.
  • Flat twist, $40

The benefit of these other hairstyles that protect against cornrows is that, even though they’re more costly, they tend to last longer and in the end could be more affordable.


In terms of pricing cornrows, as well as other protective hairstyles are essentially identical. They generally last shorter time than styles for protection but only if your hair is tied with no hair attachment.

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