Is Mercari a PayPal customer?


Mercari is an e-commerce platform that serves Japan and the United States. The company was established in Minato (Tokyo), Japan on February 1, 2010. The Mercari Marketplace app is the company’s main product. This app allows people to easily sell and buy products from their smartphones. You can use it in Japan because of its great shipping system. People can anonymously ship items from their local shop by making arrangements with Yamato Transport or Japan Post. The company has three subsidiaries: Merpay, Kashima Antlers and Mercoin. Let’s find out if Mercari accepts PayPal.

Does Mercari accept PayPal?

  • Yes, Mercari accepts PayPal for all money transactions. The company accepts PayPal as well as other payment methods, which are discussed further in this article.

There are many payment options available at Mercari:

  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Zip
  • Mercari Credits
  • Credit cards
  • Mastercard
  • American Express


PayPal Holdings, Inc., a financial technology industry, is owned by public industries. It provides its services worldwide, where online payments are common and support them.

How does a customer pay for the amount via PayPal at Mercari

Two places allow customers to pay their amount via PayPal at Mercari. Customers can pay the amount at checkout. Second, they can also set up PayPal under Settings at any time.


  • First, choose the items you want to purchase.
  • Once you have selected all items, click on the billing and card option.
  • Next, click on the connect with PayPal option.
  • A new page will redirect you to your PayPal account information. Complete all information, then click on Proceed.
  • Accept all policies and terms and conditions from PayPal
  • Proceed to checkout.

Setting Up PayPal on the Settings Tab:

  • First, go to the settings page.
  • Select my payment options under settings
  • Next, click on the Connect with PayPal button.
  • The company will ask you to carefully fill out the PayPal account information.
  • Once you have completed all information correctly, you will be asked to agree to all terms and conditions.
  • PayPal is now the default method of payment.

Making an Offer using PayPal at Mercari:

First, make sure your PayPal account and Mercari account are linked to this PayPal account. You can then make an offer to seller by clicking on the blue “make an offer” option beside the Buy Now option. Your offer will be sent when you click on Make an Offer.

Mercari Payments with PayPal:

PayPal is a great way to get paid at Mercari. It allows you to deposit money directly into your checking account via ACH Direct Deposit. You can also get paid instantly by using instant pay.

Verifying and linking your PayPal account with Mercari.

To link a PayPal account, click on card and billing then click on connect to PayPal. You can now link your account to Mercari by agreeing with the terms and conditions. To verify your PayPal account, go to the Trust and Verification section of the Mercari App. You will see a list of items that you must verify. You will be awarded a verification badge after you have completed all three verification processes.

Is it possible to sell merchandise at Mercari using PayPal?

Mercari offers a variety of payment options, but PayPal is not an option. To transfer funds to customers, you will need a checking account.

Can I pay PayPal with Mercari?

Both buyers and sellers are safe as long as they follow the Mercari market guidelines. PayPal payments made outside of Mercari can pose risks to the user.


This article provides all information about Mercari. This article answers the question whether the Mercari app can accept PayPal payments. It also provides a peek at the different payment methods that Mercari accepts. Yes, Mercari accepts PayPal. However, it does not accept PayPal for buyers and sellers. The article also provides information about the risks and scams associated with selling items outside of the PayPal app. It also describes how to link your account, verify it, and then pay using that account.

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