How to stop someone from Texting You on Metro PCS?


You may have been aware about Metro PCS before but do not know what it means or maybe you’ve heard of it but could not figure out the full explanation of Metro PCS. Metro PCS is also known as Metro by T-mobile. or simply Metro. The company owns the brand Mobile United States. It is a prepay, U.S.-based mobile service. It is also one of the largest networks of telecommunications within the United States rated the fifth with the use of code-division multi-access (CDMA). The bearer takes on an backtrack integration with T-Mobile US and post-consolidation under the T-Mobile UMTS as well as LTE network, their services were integrated in 2013. Metro by T-Mobile competes primarily against AT&T’s Cricket Wireless, Dish’s Boost Mobile along with Verizon’s Visible as a part of the brand’s wireless provider.

Strategies to stop Someone From texting you on Metro PCS

  1. By using the Block-it App
  2. Utilizing manual methods
  3. Using HTC Desire
  4. Using Truecaller App

Utilizing the Block-it App

Nowadays, navigating using a cellphone can become a little bit of a hassle. It is possible to receive endless phone calls from people who you don’t want to speak with and unwelcome text messages from a wide range of individuals. There is no method to identify these numbers and prevent them from being blocked, other than through using services like Google Voice. Metro PCS fathoms how irritating it will be to you and is associated with a highly-respected companyPrivacyStar. PrivacyStar with more than a million smartphones. They have managed to create Metro PCS Block-It from texting.

The purpose of this application is that users will be able to quickly identify or spot these messages or calls receiving and then block the calls directly on their mobiles. This means that you don’t need to call customer service to stop them or removing them yourself using this Block-It application. In addition users are able to submit Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations and the Do Not Call Registry with a few clicks and then automatically report these on their behalf. In a way, the information about complaints that PrivacyStar gathers is sent directly to Consumer Sentinel which houses over 1,900 police agencies, allowing them to take appropriate action on the violations.

For Metro PCS, Block-it is lately profitable to use by customers for thirty days no cost. Then, customers are to pay $1 per month for a period of. Additionally, the app is available to download via Metro App Store on your smartphone.

Utilizing Manual Methods

The app was developed to ensure that users will be able to block individuals and stop any texts or phone calls. This only gives the ability to stop texting and calls with block access within Metro PCS. It doesn’t allow users to take them off your social media accounts like Facebook as well as other social media and email accounts as well. Social media will continue to be working after having them blocked. To block a contact by hand you must follow these steps:

Click the Menu buttonSelect these two keys: 3 and 8. >Press the number 0 and select Block.

It will ask you to enter the number you would like to block. Press OK and enter the number.

Be aware that should you decide to alter your mind, that is, you decide to remove the number, you are able to make that change. However, this does not mean that the person is able to call you at a different number.

Using HTC Desire

This method is similar to the method described in the previous paragraph, however instead of pressing buttons to block contact, you have to connect with them using an app for messaging. This method is effective and is easy to block. It is able to block multiple contacts, messages, or even calls from your own country or any other countries. You can depend on this app to block.

To do this:

  • Click on the application for messaging to open the application.
  • Select which telephone number(s) you wish to block.
  • Hold the number until it is down
  • Press block.

Using Truecaller App

The most downloaded applications is Truecaller that is said to have been downloaded by more than 800 million people around the world. When you turn on your mobile information, the app will display that the phone number and name for the person who is calling you. To utilize this app, make sure it is downloaded from the App Store. It’s cost-free. It can recognize spam inboxes, as well as caller ID. It also has numerous other features.

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