Amazon’s policy of conducting background checks


Amazon conducts a background check to ensure that applicants have completed each step that comprise the Amazon hiring process. They will not employ any candidate who has not completed a background screening. The background checks are conducted by the consent of the applicant. Amazon takes ten to fifteen days to finish its entire background check.

Amazon analyzes your past and your records over the last 7 years. It can also check your social and financial standing during these times. On failing the background test, you won’t be offered a job in Amazon. However after passing the test, you’ll be given the job and no test like this will take place in the future.

What is Amazon conduct in its policy on background checks?

Criminal records

The checking of the criminal record is the first step in Amazon’s background screening process. Amazon checks for small violations, malpractices and felonies under an individual’s name. applicant. If the applicant has a criminal record within the last seven years , Amazon will deny the application. But, it will consider actions that occurred seven years in the past. Additionally, Amazon also considers candidates who have minor offenses that don’t affect their employment of Amazon. For instance, Amazon may hire a candidate who has a history of minor criminal charges involving drugs.

Test performance in a previous post

It’s an crucial check for Amazon’s background checks. Before hiring the applicants, Amazon wants to know about their work history at their previous job. If candidates are found to be guilty of improper behavior or indiscretion at work, Amazon is most likely to disqualify the applicant. To get the information needed the background screening team at Amazon calls the HR department at the company that you worked for, on the resume you submitted.


Amazon might also require you to provide the credit scores as part of its background checking procedure. Your credit background and financial habits are also analyzed as part of the background check process.

Information in resume

Amazon will also verify the information you provided in your resume as part of the background check process. It confirms your education level or work experience, address evidence, and more.

Does Amazon make an identity check?

When you do the background screening, Amazon also runs a reference check. You are expected to list a few references on your application to verify your identity. Amazon uses this information to run a background test. It is carried out to verify your identity, behavior and the character of your.

Does Amazon do drugs?

It is true that Amazon takes a blood test on candidates prior to making an offer to hire. Indeed it has strict rules regarding drug testing for employees. After the interview process, your hire is not confirmed until the results of your drug test. Amazon partners with laboratories to take the test.

The drug tests are conducted to determine the levels of cocaine, cannabis and methamphetamine are tested in the body of the applicant. If the test results are positivity, Amazon will not hire the candidate in any way. Notably, Amazon does not offer a second chance to candidates who fail the test for drugs.


Background checks are one of the most important steps in your hiring procedure. Large companies like Amazon will always conduct a background screening. They hire background check companies to assist in checking the backgrounds of candidates. These companies look over the reputation of workplaces, criminal records and verify personal information of the applicant. If you fail the background check the applicant will be immediately denied the job.

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